Friday, 1 July 2022

Waterloo Warm Up Games - Part 3 - They Came On In The Same Old Way

I decided to re-run the same braod scenario as per the last game, but with a few tweaks. Namely:
  • Pre-game bombardment for the French with their heavy 12 pdr guns.
  • The French have a few Inspiring commanders.
  • The French have one Inferior infantry unit and one Superior unit.
  • The British 95th Rifles are classed as Superior all round.
So onto the action!

The same layout as before, but French ave weighted their attack to their right wing.

The French 12 pdrs in the middle, flanked by Company Columns.

The British take some hits from the preliminary bombardment.

The 95th deployed and waiting.

The French advance immediately starts to take hits from the artillery and deployed Light Battalions.

The 95th gets to work.

The artillery is rather effective on the left hand Company Column.

The Light Battalions pull back as the French deploy part of their force into Line.

The French push on as the Heavy Cavalry arrive in expectation of exploiting any gaps in the line. On the extreme right the French assault the British line.

The left flank struggles to move forward.

The French close in on the ridge.

The Company Column assault goes in but the neighbouring Line Infantry fail to support the assault with musketry.

The French are pushed back and morale saves keep them in the game.

More attacks go in and although the French are taking hits, the British Line is coming under pressure.

Suddenly the action on the right and centre leads to three routed French units and one British.

The French attack struggles but the British Line is under pressure too.

Any hope of a French breakthough evaporates next Turn as the French left disintegrates.

The French left routs.

The French right now lacks enough mass to effect a breakthrough.

The British Line was under pressure, but morale saves kept them in place and able to fight.

Post Game Thoughts.
Another fun and interesting little game to keep trying out the rules. So what did I learn this game?

  • Both sides managed to do quite a few important morale saves to take hits off units to keep them in the game. The British had slightly better die rolls, but the odd failed one here and there could have led to a rather different outcome in front of the French right wing.
  • The pre-game bombardment was good and not too effective, but enough to aid the French, which if theire shooting had been better, might have made the difference to the result.
  • Counter Battery Fire is something that I used more in the game, given that the French 12 pdrs outranged the British artillery. Again some better die rolling might have led to the loss or at least falling back of the artillery, thus allowing the French infantry an easier chance of breaking the British Line.
  • Again the Superior British firing was enough to make a difference throughout the game.
  • The French should move into Line earlier to allow them to bring great firepower to bear, then move into Company Column for the assault when the British are Weakened.
  • Closer to the enemy, it is better to move a half speed to avoid the penalty for a Significant Move.
  • Unfortunately for the French, neither of the Generals managed to mkae a double move, despite having two rated as Inspiring. Allowing them to close very quickly with the British Line, thus reducing the amount of fire taken would make a difference, thus helping them to have a better chance of breaking the British Line.

Next game time for something different in terms of a scenario. Probably a sort of Hougoumont or La Haie Saint assault on a fortified building could be good to see how this works out games wise. Plenty to think about for sure.

So until next time, stay safe and keep healthy!


  1. The French need to consider an alternative plan. Perhaps bypass these stubborn defenders altogether?

    Good looking game, Steve!

    1. Hi Jon, the problem with the Waterloo battlefield was that due to it's very compact nature, there was little room for manouevre (although it could be argued that Napoleon could have made more use of trying some flank attacks), so most of the attacks were rather crude frontal assaults, which I was trying out here. It will be interesting to see how the French approach the game next week as how they deal with these issues.

  2. Hello there Steve J,

    That is a cracking little action old chap and those figures have come out really well! Like I need another distraction…. ;-)

    All the best,


    1. Thanks David! I must admit I do like these chaps and it reminds me that I should make a start on those ACW figures I took of your hands. Distractions? The bane of our wargaming lives!

  3. Another exciting battle report Steve. I suppose the way to win battles is to play to your strengths and stop the enemy exploiting theirs. Does your opponent have any weaknesses? If so, can you use it to your advantage? And be lucky…



    1. Thanks Geoff. As Napoleon said, "I'd rather have lucky generals than good ones". Let's hope the French only have good ones on the day;).

    2. Let’s hope the French DON’T EVEN have good ones 😉

  4. Somehow, I seem to have missed part two...sorry about that Steve! As the Duke in your upcoming clash, I think the results so far should give you some confidence, although of course, poor/unlucky dice rolling might swing things the other way....the battle is likely to be a close run thing...again!

    1. Blogger has been playing up for me and sometimes I see posts a few days after they have been published, for some unknown reason. I think this will be a close run thing for sure, as in these games I've been classing the British as being in a bit of the sunken road on the ridge, thus giving them some protection. Even then in this game a few die rolls the other way and the French could have come close to breaking the line.

  5. Another great game Steve. Seems to be very difficult to attack as I guess it was. Would the French be better coming in waves? The first wave to weaken the line and the second to break it. Although coordinating this always is easier said than done.

    1. Thanks Ben and it is a very difficult position to attack, as mentioned to Jon earlier on in the comments. Frontal assaults do need to be in waves, but it is hard to find the space to deploy properly and to try and make the most of your numerical advantage.

  6. Wonderful stuff Steve a tough ask for the French but the result felt pretty right. Excellent stuff.

    1. Thanks Stu and I'm hoping for a similar result on the day!

  7. Really enjoyable Steve. I found your analysis interesting. I suppose the fact that small differences could have altered the outcome makes the rules/scenario work. Are those 6mm Commission Figurines you are using for this?

    1. Thanks Richard. I always enjoy looking back on a game and think what went well, what didn't and where the game might have tipped in favour of the other side etc. And yes, those are Walt's wonderful 6mm mdf figures:).

  8. Hi....Those figures are really great, still can't believe they are made in MDF...very impressive. Regards.

    1. Thanks Tony. I love these figures and have grown really fond of them, even though they were intended as a stop gap whilst I painted my 10mm stuff up. Once on the table and at arms length, you forget that they are essentially two dimensional. It's only when you come to take photos that they do look rather wooden (pun intended). Now I'm thinking of keeping them and using them for all of my Black Powder games.