Wednesday, 6 October 2021

A Very British Civil War-cum- Spanish Civil War Additions

Lately I have been busy painting up some extra command bases, standard bearers and vehicles for an ongoing SCW campaign that I am running. Alongside these I have also been working on my ImagiNations 19thC European troops, but more on those in another post. The results of my efforts can be seen below and some will be making their debut on the table today.

An Armoured truck. I was toying with some fancy camo schemes but in the end went with plain grey as you can see, as it works perfectly for the SCW and is generic enough for any side during the AVBCW.

Another armoured truck, but one I converted by covering the back and adding an MG turret to it.

A French Schneider WWI tank. The Spanish had around 3 working ones at the start of the war.

A French WWI armoured car that will be used as a Bilbao armoured car in SCW games.

A little red tractor! A 'N' guage railway model that I added a driver to and repainted it. It will be used as an artillery tow or simple table decoration.

Local Police force or Guardia d'Asalto. The model 'T' Ford was converted by giving it some new wheels and armoured windows.

British Union of Fascists or Falange.

People's Fifth Flying Column or International Brigade.

Prince Albert's Somerset Light Infantry or British International Brigade.

Italian Corpo Troppo Voluntare.

Italian CTV Blackshirts. The centre of the flag is actually gold but just looks yellow in the photo.

I enjoyed painting these and the painted flags look better than the ones I can print at home, as they don't look so washed out. If I had a laser printer then this would be less of an issue as the one I used to use at work produced wonderful flags. One of the downsides of retirement! The only other issue with these is that I can't do any text on them as they are too small (about 8mm high) for my eyes and shaky hands. A minor problem though to be honest.

Time to go and get ready for the game! until next time, stay safe and keep healthy.


  1. Looks good! Your background looks familiar. I await the battle report from the your campaign.

    1. Thanks Jonathan and whilst I had the table set up, it seemed to good an opportunity to pass up to take some pics. Campaign updates to follow soon and then an AAR.

    2. I hope my report does not begin, "Regret to inform..."

    3. You'll have to wait and see;)

  2. Superb work. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Nice kit Steve.
    Slightly off at a tangent, but I’ve just finished reading Vuelta Skelter by Tim Moore, where he retraces the 1941 Tour of Spain. He passes by many sites with a connection to the Spanish Civil War. Plenty of atrocities - from both sides - and apparently largely “not spoken about” even today. It’s an interesting, entertaining book but with some sombre moments.
    At least AVBCW is fiction.

    1. Both the RCW and SCW have their fair share of atrocities, which is one reason I favour the AVBCW setting. As you say, the subject is still somewhat taboo in Spain:(

  4. All civil wars have a tendency towards atrocities I think Steve but as you say, the SCW in particular is still a very touchy subject. I guess it has to do with the fact that Franco "but for the grace of God" (so to speak) would have been down and out in 1945, same as the other Fascist dictators- except that he wasnt. And then his regime endured basically till the mid/late 70's, am anachronism tolerated by the rest of Europe! I recently watched a Netflix series called Jaguar which centered around post war Nazis in Spain etc and based on more than an element of truth I suspect - the Spanish Army and Catholic church were pretty willing supporters of fleeing or hiding Nazis.

    1. Very true Keith. there is an excellent old Granada TV series on Youtube on the conflict that is a great watch with lots of superb footage, as well as interviews with participants from both sides. Rather harrowing at times as one would expect. I'll check out the 'Jaguar' series as we also enjoyed 'The Man in the High Castle' for most of the first series, that again stirred my fevered imagination!