Saturday, 4 January 2020

American Civil War buildings and bases

Like many gamers, for my buildings I use a scale down from my figures, so for my Pendraken 10mm forces I use ones from Leven Miniatures which are 6mm. These work well and originally I just put them on simple bases to represent a BUA or the like. However whilst perfectly functional, they just didn't work visually. So after Dave made a comment on this, I set about having a play around with some options before Xmas, which in the end worked well. 

So with our forthcoming ACW campaign due to kick off soon, I dug out some Leven Miniatures American buildings that I'd had about a year or so, painted them up and made a variety of bases to go with them, the results of which can be seen below:

A fairly typical clapboard building with a classic picket fence. The fence was made from some 15mm railway ones I bought years ago and simply cut them in half to reduce the height.

AWI Militia defend the property.

A timber block house, the bottom half of which I painted white for some contrast.

A nice log cabin or little house on the Prairie?

A saw mill, to which I will add some log piles or sawn timber for detail.

Another view of the sawmill.

Another clapboard building, but this time without the picket fence.

The buildings are removable with their footprint still visible which is useful for games play as...

... it can represent the buildings with troops in it, depending upon the requirements of the ruleset.

I'm really happy with how these have turned out and still have some more to finish off. I'm going to do something similar with my other buildings for Italy and Europe, but not until they're required for other campaigns, as i'm trying to remain focussed!

Other things in the pipeline are some more sweet corn fields and picket fences, plus other small scenic items to add detail to the battlefield. More on this as and when they are finished. So until next time...


  1. Nice building work!

    I am in the same camp as you with respect to using buildings "one-size down." For 15mm and 10mm, I tend to use 6mm buildings. Rather than matching buildings to figure size, I tend to match building size to ground scale or BUA footprint. This works for me.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. For BBB there are guideline sizes to bases, but for other games I tend to go with what looks right and can accommodate a couple of units maximum.

  2. Very nice looking buildings.

  3. Thanks Peter. I really like the Leven Miniatures buildings as they have enough detail for me and are a great price.

  4. I do like resin and I do like Leven - so win! I like the idea of the separate base, much more useful and eases on the storage.

    1. Thanks Norm. I used to have my buildings fixed down, but found they got in the way during games, so just left them unbased. Recently adding the footprint meant I could remember what building went where and how I had envisaged it being arranged on the base.

  5. Wonderful stuff Steve.
    The bases really make them.

    1. Thanks Stu and I'm really happy with how the bases have come out. I was unsure whether to bother or not at first and now I'm glad I did.