Sunday, 15 December 2019

The Battle of Sittingbad

Keith Flint hosted a few gamers today to replay the Battle of Sittingbad as featured in 'Charge! or How to Play War Games' by Young & Lawford. This was a favourite scenario of the late Stuart Asquith and as we were using some of his wonderfully painted miniatures, it seemed a fitting way to pay tribute to this important figure on our wonderful hobby.

I was paired with Roy and Nick, with us commanding the outnumbered Imperial force, whilst Craig and Paul took command of the Electorate force. In broad terms we had to survive and/or stop the Electorate troops getting into Sittingbad and seizing the supply train. A tough ask but we were up for the challenge, fools that we are!

As always on these occasions, the game was played in the right spirit, with plenty of badinage and good humour. Keith played the umpire and guided us along with the rules as and when we required it. I took no notes and can barely remember any names of the troops, so I hope the following 'photos and captions will give an idea of how the action unfolded.

The troops already set out as per the scenario. The Electorate troops would arrive via the top table edge over 4 moves, with the Imperial troops trying to form a defensive postion astride the road.

Sittingbad at the bottom with the village of Eisenberg towards the top.

The Imperial cavalry (my command) with Imperial troops to their right.
The Imperial cavalry and infantry withdraw to try and form a better defensive line close to Sittingbad.

The Electorate cavalry already threatening the Imperial flank.

It'a all a bit tight as the Imperial troops try to find room to manoeuvre.

The Imperial cavalry have been pushed back to the outskirts of Sittingbad by several attacks from the Electorate cavalry.

Electorate Hussars have to charge the Imperial infantry behind their gabions due to a follow up move after successfully pushing a unit of Imperial cavalry back.

A view from the Electorate side.

The Imperial cavalry are taking a beating.

The Imperial infantry leave their gabions to shoot at the retreating Electorate Hussars.

Imperial infantry try to come to the aid of their hard press cavalry.

Massed Electorate troops stream onto the table.

The victorious Electorate cavalry ready to try and push into Sittingbad.

3-1 advantage to the Electorate troops.

More Electorate troops press forward.

The action hots up in and around Eisenberg village.

The Electorate Hussars have dismounted and are supported by Line Infantry.

Light infantry fight it out in Eisenberg.

More Electorate cavalry has dismounted to try and advance into Sittingbad.

The Imperial troops have reached their breakpoint and quit the field of battle. The troops at the bottom are Imperial casualties.

Two Imperial infantry units face six Electorate ones.

Eisenberg is surrounded as the Electorate troops close in.

The supply train falls into Electorate hands.

In the end a convincing win for the Electorate troops, but the Imperial troops did manage to hold out for 8 out of 10 Turns, so close but not close enough. It was a thoroughly enjoyable game that looked stunning, thanks in no small part to Keith's and Stuart's troops. There is something about 18thC warfare that just appeals to me, with great uniforms, flags and unit names. After playing this game I'm going to re-read the AAR in 'Charge!' to see how it played out. 

So thanks to Keith, Paul, Roy, Craig and Nick for a great game and wonderful company. Let's hope we can do this again sometime next year!


  1. Steve! You are pushing out BatReps faster than I can read. I can't keep up!

    This is a fine looking game with some beautiful toys. I, too, am drawn to 18C wargaming for the uniforms, flags, and linear warfare.

    Great stuff!

    1. Sorry Jonathan, I'll try to slow down;). The 18thC is great, especially the League of Augsberg and the War of the Spanish Succession. Basically the ImagiNations route allows you to field any colourful or bizarre unit you want to. What's not to like!?

    2. No need to slow down. I need to speed up! Both LoA and WSS have been long time interests of mine too. WSS in 10mm would be very good, I think.

    3. The Pendraken LoA range is simply superb, even better than there AWI range IMHO. Worth checking out.

  2. Lovely looking game, Sittingbad delivers agin. Like the balance between building scale for built up areas and figure scale, dropping a scale gives a good effect for the BUA.

    1. A scale down really does work ,which we touched upon during the game. Like many gamers, I use 6mm buildings for my 10mm figures.

  3. Thanks for the report Steve. I was pleased to get so many friends together for a friendly and enjoyable game. Next time you need to retreat faster!

    1. No problem Keith. It is hard to find a day that you can get everyone free, but very rewarding when you do. As for retreating, I was advancing in a different direction... ;)

  4. A beautiful looking game. I thoroughly enjoyed flicking through the photos (a couple of times).

    1. Thanks Peter and all the credit for the game goes to Keith and Stuart. We all enjoyed the visual spectacle and commented on how it is one the most attractive periods to game.

  5. Very nicely done. Typical old School style. The Scenario is simple and interesting. Many thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely to see masses of RSM figures on show, well done.

    1. The figures were a joy to behold, especially some of Stuart's command figures.

  7. Excellent display of wargaming, one the best eye candy treats I have seen this year. Cheered me up on a wet Wednesday.

    Will Harley

    1. Glad it cheered you up Will after all of your password Shenanigans! We to a man commented on how lovely the game looked and the 18thC armies do take some beating on the eye candy front.