Sunday, 8 December 2019

18thC ImagiNations cum AWI Army

I'm sure like many gamers, I struggle to finish off enough units to field a reasonably complete army on the wargames table. However of late I have been unusually diligent in attempting to complete enough units for our final game of our Brexite Campaign. I still have some more units to add to this force, but at least I can say that I'm playing with a force that I have painted and not had to borrow from Dave. This does feel rather nice to be honest.

All of the figures are from Pendraken's stunning American War of Independence range. They have been sculpted by Clibinarium and the detail has to be seen to be believed. Their League of Augsburg range is arguably even better and has once again been sculpted by Clibinarium.

I will post more detailed pictures in due course, but time has been against me today. I have learnt the old adage of paint the unit and not the figure, which has been very liberating and has speeded up the whole process no end.

These figures will be used for some ImagiNations gaming, as well as patriotic troops for the AWI. The flags they currently have are just tacked in position, but once everything is painted, I'll select ones I like and attach them more permanently, as well as trying to get a bit of movement into them.


  1. Nice Steve, are those based at 40mm frontages?

    1. Hi Norm,
      yep 40mm frontages, with infantry 20mm deep, cavalry and artillery 30mm deep. Perfect for those 12 unit games on a small table.

  2. Steve, it certainly is a comforting milestone when enough figures cross over to the painted column in the painting log to field a gameable force. I have a different problem altogether! I can get gameable forces painted and onto the table. I have trouble overbuilding and producing many more units than needed. Oh, that and I seem to have a never ending line of new projects popping up constantly!

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    I'm in the same boat, with loads more figures bought than I will actually need/use. I struggle to remember why I bought some figures that have already been based!