Monday, 4 April 2016

Pendraken 10mm WWII Polish Range Released

Today I'm a very happy Bunny. I have just placed an order with Pendraken for some of their lovely new WWII Polish miniatures, which I will be collecting at Salute. I did not expect them to be ready for the show, but was more than pleasantly suprised when they announced that they would be launched at Salute.

The '39 campaign I have wanted to game for several years now, having had the pleasure of gaming this conflict with my good friend keith and his lovely 15mm miniatures, but only having the Germans meant that I was unable to do so. However when Pendraken purchased the Blitzkreig Commander II ruleset last year, the Poles were the obvious omission from their range. Hats off to them for quickly producing what is, in my mind, one of their best ranges.

Earlier in the year I put together a BKCII list for a Polish force. On reflection, I have reduced this to one Battalion with supporting elements, largely due to the fact that my painting time is limited these days, so wanted a Battlegroup that I could get onto the table relatively quickly. Also I need to paint up an opposing German force, with the possibility of a Russian one for the latter stages of the campaign. I still plan to play some 'what if?' games/campaigns based around this period. At least I already have a British force finished and a French one based up, but given that Pendraken  have also added some lovely new figures to their French range, these may be replaced...

To finish off, a few pics of the new Poles and their wonderful tankettes:

wz. 36 37mm anti-tank gun and crew.
TKS tankette with 7.92mm MG.
7TP dw tank with twin MG turrets.
wz. 34 armoured car.


  1. Lovely that they have a Swedish AT-gun :)

    1. You've got to like that gun and its unusual shield:)

  2. Best wishes for getting these guys into action quickly. A truly fascinating part of WW2 to game.

    1. Thanks Keith. I'm really looking forward to trying this campaign out along with lots of 'what ifs?' Currently reading Zaloga's book on the campaign to refresh my memory.