Saturday, 24 January 2015

Off Air - KR-16 Campaign Game 3

After the last game at Anshan, we decided that a nice little scenario would be based around Steve Chang and his radio station. Mr Chang having been less than complimentary about the Junker Insurgents recently, needed a visit to remind him to keep his thoughts to himself. That was the Junkers point of view. The RDF naturally were rather happy with his broadcasts and wanted to keep him on air. So the scene was set for a little showdown chez Chang.

Scenario details

Junker Major victory - enter the shack and spend one turn there having a quiet talk with Mr Chang.
Junker Minor victory - to destroy the radio aerial.

RDF Minor victory - Take out 50% of the Junker Insurgents.
RDF Major Victory - Prevent the radio aerial and Steve Chang from being harmed or damaged.

The forces involved were made up from units that had not taken part in the previous game. This made it rather interesting as both sides had to cobble together units for the action. The Junker had a Rocket Bullfrog and GMG Bullfrog with a full squad with sniper and an understrentgh squad with no special weapons. The RDF had a Pathfinder Ranger and a squad, the latter deployed in cover at the radio station.

Turn 1 - RDF Initiative
The RDF got off to a bad start as they failed to activate their Pathfinder Ranger. The troops dug-in went onto react fire as there were no targets in range. The Junkers managed to activate both vehicles, hitting the aerial but only scratching the paintwork.

Turn 2 - Junker Initiative
It was the Junkers turn to have some bad luck as both vehicles failed to activate, leaving them at the mercy of the Pathfinder Ranger, which succeeded in immobilising the Rocket Bullfrog. The Junkers task just got that much harder...

Turn 3 - Junkers Initiative
Despite gaining the initiative, the remaining Bullfrog failed to hit the aerial, only for it to be blown up by fire from the Pathfinder Ranger. Any chance of gaining a victory had disappeared so the accompanying infantry melted away, leaving the RDF with a Major Victory.

Post Game Thoughts
Once again a game that could have gone either way early on. If the Pathfinder had managed to lay smoke in Turn 1, the Junkers would have had to move to try and get line-of-sight to the aerial, rather than sitting back and hoping to get a lucky hit on the aerial. They are very vulnerable to the RDF AFVs, so try to keep in cover for as long as possible. 

As the scenario was over so quickly, we replayed it several times, with the Junkers managing to destroy the aerial with their very first shot! Why they couldn't do that in the game!!! As we are running a narrative campaign, frankly it didn't matter as we had fun as always, which is what it should be about at the end of the day.

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