Saturday, 24 January 2015

KR-16 Campaign Game 4

With honours fairly even after the two previous campaign games, the action moved on to a mission to gain or destroy some important scientific data contained in one of the vehicles.

Scenario Details
A scientific convoy has broken down and RDF and JI troops are en-route.
The convoy is in the middle of the table with RDF and JI forces coming on at opposite sides.
The convoy is in the process of repairing the damage.

Each turn after the 2nd, roll a D6:

3rd turn 6 = convoy is ready
4th turn 5 and 6 = convoy is ready
5th turn 4, 5 and 6 = convoy is ready

The JI want to get whatever research is in there and sell it to get funds for their war effort.
The RDF want to get the scientists to Mariposa and safety.

JI Minor Victory
Destroy or disable all the convoy vehicles. (6 vehicles, civilian damage chart)
(Blow to the RDF and the so called ‘defence’ force.)

JI Major Victory
Steal the research data and make off their table edge with it.
(Sell to the highest bidder, BPI maybe?)
Takes 1 complete turn to search the lab to get the data.

RDF Minor Victory
Keep at least 50% of the civvies alive.
(Just doing their job.)

RDF Major Victory
Escort the lab off the table with data intact.
(Doing their job and advancing science.)

The convoy will obey any command if an infantry figure is placed in base to base contact with a vehicle.
That infantry figure is controlling that vehicle.
(Otherwise the vehicles only move on a 3+ toward the side edge)

So the RDF could put a figure in each vehicle and the vehicles will automatically move each turn.

Turn 1 - Junker Initiative
Despite the Junkers winning initiative, the RDF made the first real moves as both Pathfinder Rangers moved towards the stricken convoy. However only 1 squad of troops managed to deploy. The Junkers appeared to be put off by this show of force, only managing to really move a GMG Bullfrog into position, although it did managed to destroy one vehicle.

Turn 2 - Junker Initiative
The Junkers this time made good use of going first, managing to destroy a further two vehicles plus deploying their squads of infantry into great psotions ready for the next turn. Things were getting tough for the RDF with so many vehicles already destroyed. To try and rescue the situation they layed down smoke to try and block line-of-sight for the Junkers.

Turn 3 - RDF Initiative
Just when they needed to go first, the RDf failed! The Junkers lost no opportunity in seizing the advantage, with a rocket armed squad advancing forward and destroying the main objective vehicle. With no chance of gaining even a minor victory, the RDF withdrew, living up to their sobriquet of 'Run, Don't Fight'.

Post Game Thoughts
For once the Junkers shooting really was very effective as every round of shooting saw a vehicle destroyed. Things would have been very different if the RDF had just managed to get some activations in earlier to lay down smoke and close with the vehicles. Being unable to gave the upper hand to the Junkers, with devastating results. In campaign turns the RDF is looking rather ineffective against the Junker Insurgency.

We both agreed that not having RDF MS1 Pathmaster with its ability to allow the RDF to re-roll one failed activation per turn really hurt the RDF. Despite its points cost it really is a crucial piece of kit for the RDF. I expect that I will be seing it a lot more in future games...


  1. Good scenario Steve the Junkers really seemed to nail this one.

    1. Michael of Angel barracks and rules author comes up with the scenarios, so kudos to him. Yep, for once the Junkers really nailed this scenario. The Bullfrogs are very, very fast which helps in certain scenarios such as this one. No good in a stand up fight though.

  2. Argggh, yes I will be using the Pathmaster from now and on, and possibly the Pathfinder Paladin Warrior now we have tested it..