Saturday, 6 December 2014

KR-16 Junkers Insurgents Campaign Force

So after the first game in our campaign, how are things looking for the Junker Insurgents? Well my starting force was as follows, which came to a total of 1085 points. We had a starting total of 1100 points, so this was close enough for me given the troops at my disposal.

4 x Squads with Sergeant, Rocket Launcher and 3 Freedom Fighters - 400 points
4 x Squads with Sergeant, Sniper and 3 x Freedom Fighters - 436 points
3 x Bullfrogs - 90 points
1 x Bullfrog with Rocket Pod - 67 points
1 x Bullfrog with GMG (a Steve J Autos conversion) - 59 points
1 x Junker Power Armour (a Steve J Autos walker unit conversion) - 33 points

As you can see, a fairly infantry heavy force with some speedy Bullfrogs which are very useful for certain scenarios, plus a bit of mobile firepower in the form of the Bullfrog conversions and Junker Power Armour.

Campaign Turn 1
I started off with a force of 349 points out of a possible 350. Losses were rather high to say the least, losing:

1 x Sergeant - 22 points
2 x Rocket Launchers - 42 points
6 x Rifles - 114 points
1 x damaged Bullfrog Rocket launcher (34 points to replace)

Total Losses: 212 points

I gained 45 Victory Points for damage done to the RDF force. So after the first game, I have the following points at my disposal to replace losses:

Total: 45 points

So after the first game I'm down a total of 167 points, which is quite a lot. Fortunately my large number of troops at the start of the campaign, gives me some cushion to absorb losses, but not for long if this rate of attrition continues. So I will await the next scenario before deciding upon how to spend my points on replacements, but I think the repair of the Bullfrog Rocket Launcher will be fairly high on the list...


  1. Ouch that's quite a few to be down on the first outing....

  2. Yeah, I had one turn where pretty much every roll was a 5 or 6.
    Steve had extremely bad luck when it came to casualty recovery at the end too.