Thursday, 2 January 2014

Review of 2013

So with Janus looking over my shoulder (or should that be shoulders?), it seems an appropriate time of the New Year to take stock of the old and to look forward to the new. So without further ado:

Games Played
I was pleasantly suprised at how  many games I actually played this year when I went back over my Blog postings. I reckon I played 12 games at home, solo or with friends, 2 at Colours and around another 6 over at friends houses. So broadly speaking just under 2 a month, which I'm more than happy with. 

Wargames Shows
I attended 3 (possibly 4 or 5, but see below) this year, namely:
Colours. As always my favourite wargame show and once again we put on a demo table. A bit quieter than last year but still one that I always look forward to.
Warfare. A big disappointment for me in terms of the demo games, but fortunately being able to walk the show and chat to the traders helped end the day on a positive note. One I will not be attending in the future though.
Reveille II. My local show put on by Lincombe Barn Wargames Society.
Operation Market Larden. I'm not sure if to call this a wargames show, but Wyvern Wargames put on a whole host of 'Too Fat Lardies' demo and participation games. Unsuprisingly the CoC demo game run by Rich was very, very popular, but Craig and I had a great Russo-Japanese War game run by Stu using 'Through the Mud and Blood' rules. At the end Craig and I were lucky to get a game in with Rich (more of which later).
IPMS Bristol Show. For the first time Lincombe Barn Wargames Society were invited to put on some wargames tables. Not bad for a first attempt but great to be able to see loads of wonderful models from the IPMS chaps. Hopefully this show will grow in the future in terms of the wargames side of it.

Wargames Rules Bought
Far more than I first thought!
Dux Bellorum. This has become a firm favourite and comes second only to BKCII in terms of games played this year.
In Her Majestys Name. A bit of a retail therapy purchase to be honest but a great set of rules. Sadly I'm yet to get a game in to give them a proper run out. I also bought 'Heroes, Villains and Fiends', their first supplement. 
Chain of Command. Probably the most talked about release of the year and a great set of rules. I've only been able to have a couple of games of CoC, but have been mightily impressed with them and have enjoyed both games immensely. 
Grand Tactical Rules. A completely on the spur of the moment purchase of these rules (1859 and 1866) at Colours, but they are far, far more than that.
Black Powder. In the end I sold 'Maurice' as I could not play the game solo, and bought BP once again (I sold them a few years ago!). They now tick all the boxes for me and can be played solo, a crucial factor for me.

Figures Bought
In Her Majesty's Name. 2 Companies bought with more planned from existing figures that I've had kicking around for Donkey's Years.
Dux Bellorum. 2 warbands bought and 1 sponsored by Pendraken. 
BKCII. A Russian WWII battlegroup plus a large range of odds'n'sods for the AVBCW and WWII periods. 
Imagi-Nations Gaming. More figures for my pseudo AWI armies.

Figures Painted
BKCII. British Infantry Battalion plus support.
BKCII. Italian 'extras' for use in the AVBCW, SCW and WWII.
BKCII. AVBCW extras.
Dux Bellorum. A Sea Raider and Welsh/Saxon warbands painted for the Colours demo game.
KR16. Junker Freedom Fighters in 6mm. My first foray into 6mm skirmish based figures, but they were fun to paint and suprisingly easy given the level of detail.

Plans for 2014
Dux Bellorum. Continue to paint up existing warbands and flesh them out with a few extra units here and there. Try and develop a mini-campaign.
Cross & Crescent/Star & Garter. Put together at least one army for these rules from Craig using Pendraken's superb Late Medieval range.
Baltic Crusades. Using Dux Bellorum as my base rules, put together two warbands to game this neglected period of history. I was inspired by Dalauppror's excellent articles and AARs on his Blog. Once again it will be Pendraken figures that I will be using.
BKCII. Concentrate of fleshing out my WWII British battlegroup and to paint up a German one. After all these have sat in the attic for around 4 years, so it's high time they saw the light of day.
Chain of Command. Base up two Platoons for this to start being able to play this at home. 10mm once again.
In Her Majesty's Name. Paint up another Company to go head-to-head with my Witch Hunters so that I can get some games in. I also need to work on some background fluff and scenery.
Play More Games. If I can get on average two in a month I will be more than happy. Craig is putting together a campaign based arounf Opration Epsom, so at least things are due to get off to a good start this year.

So there you have it. It will be interesting to look back at this in a years time to see how things progressed. I'm sure they will bear little resemblance to the above!


  1. Quite a range of periods.
    Very commendable!


  2. Sometimes I feel I've spread myself too thinly Michael, but I'm a typical wargames butterfly, flitting between periods at will. At least if i'm not in the mood for one project I can easily move onto another.