Sunday, 3 November 2013

Companys for In Her Majesty's Name

One of the downsides of In Her Majesty's Name is the sheer amount of choice that is available to you as you are able to create your own Companys quite easily. Fortunately the ones presented within the rules are great guides to give you an idea of what might appeal to your own gaming style or choice of figures. From my experience of Mordheim, I've found that it is always best to go with something that you like, whether that be the figures or background, as win or lose, you will enjoy playing with your figures. 

So after much thinking and searching on the internet, my first company would be broadly based upon a British Rifle Company. I was immediately taken with the Perry Miniatures figures from their Sudan range as they are great sculpts ( a bit of a given really) with plenty of character. Also I fancied having some 'stiff upper lips' to police the flar flung corners of the Empire, with access to the latest technology, which the Rifle Company fitted perfectly.

SB41 Camel Corps Command.
SB78 Camel Corps in melee.
My other company proved to be far more difficult to sort out as I couldn't settle on one, despite plenty of ideas. I wanted one that was quite different in feel to the Rifle Company, so that they gave a different challenge upon the gaming table. Whilst looking at the above, quite by chance I saw an image of Rioters from the Perry's ACW range. Bingo!, I had my other Company, to be based upon the Brick Lane Commune. Once again I was taken by the animation and detail of the figures that fitted perfectly with the weapons and broad background of the aforementioned Communards.
ACW52 Rioters with hand weapons.
ACW53 Rioters with firearms.
ACW54 Female & Young Rioters.
So the figures were duly ordered and arrived 3 days later. I was very impressed with all of the figures, especially the ACW Rioters. Unfortunately a few of the Sudan British figures had quite a bit of tool wear in places which took some time and effort to clean up, but looked fine at the end of it. 

So now it is a case of sorting out the list for each Company and then onto converting and basing the figures. When the lists are done I will post them here and naturally welcome any thoughts or comments. It has been a few years since I've painted any 28mm figures, so am not quite sure how long these will take. The army painter/Devlan Mud Wash route has certainly speeded things up these days, which is a bonus. As things progress I will put up pics of the figures and any interesting conversions.


  1. Once I have all my free figures from Northstar painted I am really going to have to a good luck at the Perry figures. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Craig Cartmell

  2. You're welcome Craig. The figures are also extremely good value, working out at £1.16 per figure.