Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sea Raider Warband

As mentioned in my previous post, I needed another warband for our planned Battle of Deorham game at Colours this year, which the Pendraken chaps had kindly agreed to sponsor. I wanted to field a warband that was slightly different from the rest, so chose the Sea Raider option from the rulebook. I liked the idea of having a Viking type warband to game with for no other reason than I have always liked them, most likely brought about by the simply superb film "The Vikings" with Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtiss and Janet Leigh. Who could not but be inspired by  scenes such as this? .

So with the theme decided upon, I chose my figures from the Pendraken Viking and Anglo-Saxon Dark Ages ranges. They are very different in feel and look from the Late Roman range, which is exactly what I wanted. After some research in the Osprey "The Vikings", part of their Elite Series range, I was ready to start painting. The results can be seen below.

The main Sea Raider warband in all it's glory.

Hrothgar of Horthaland with is Foot Companions and his war flag, Landeythan (Landwaster).

Noble Warriors
Ordinary Warriors.

Skirmishers with Bow and Javelin options.
Beserkirs (Beserkers) or Ulfhednar (Wolfcoats)

It has been quite sometime since I painted anything colourful, as for the past few years I have been concentrating exclusively on WWII period battlegroups. Reading some useful posts on the Pendraken forum helped with colour choices, as did looking at the images in the Dux Bellorum rulebook and on various Blogs. I'm happy with the result and have already started on my next warband.

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