Sunday, 10 March 2013

10mm Romano-British

Well I finally managed to find some time today to start basing up my Dux Bellorum Romano-British warband. I'm ashamed to say that they have been in their bags for far too long, so it was good to actually have made some progress. The aim is to get the Saxons based up today as well if it all possible.

My good friend and regular gaming chum Craig and I decided to go down the 10mm route for several reasons. Firstly the Pendraken Late Roman sculpts by Clibinarium are simply superb. An absolute joy to behold and the level of detail is to be seen to be believed. Secondly we are both in the process of rationalising our various armies, battlegroups etc for a variety of periods into one scale, namely 1/144th or 10mm as some would have it. This has the advantage of both of us requiring just one set of scenery for all periods, rather than several, with the added bonus of much less storage space. Thirdly was cost. The warband shown below cost around £7.00. Yes you read it right, £7.00! Outstanding value for money in my book for nearly 40 figures.

As a comparison, the same warband in 28mm would be around £20, if I could order indiviual figures as I can from Pendraken (NB Pendraken do not charge extra for for individual figure requests, so whether you buy a standard pack or a complete mix of figures, the cost if still the same. Outstanding customer service IMHO).  In 15mm the price would be between £15.00 and £20.00. So I was able to order 2 warbands with options in terms of comparison for less than the price of 1 warband in a bigger scale. Now I freely admit that 10mm is not to everyones liking, but it suits me down to the ground. Heck I even enjoy gaming with 2mm miniatures for my sins!

So you can see a few images of the warband in their raw state. This is the core warband but I also have a few options that I haven't based yet, such as more Noble Riders, Mounted Skirmishers and Monks etc.

The core elements of the warband.
Foot Companions.
Ordinary Shieldwall.
Skirmishers with Bow and Javelin.
Noble Riders.

And just to show you how good these figures really are when painted up, just a couple of examples from last months Pendraken Painting Competition.

Whitejamest Late Romans for the Pendraken 2013 painting competition.
Craigs' wonderfully displayed Romano-British warband from the Pendraken 2013 painting competiton.


  1. Good start Steve! Looking forward to seeing these painted and in-action...

    Still not ordered mine - I'm so well-behaved :D

  2. A compelling argument for settling on one scale. Nice figures.

  3. You've done a good job. Doubt if I could paint this size any moire - old eyes.