Sunday, 8 September 2019

Colours 2019 Show Report

It was 50/50 as to whether I would attend Colours this year, due to arriving back late from driving down from Edinburgh the night before. This is my favourite large show as the venue if nice, it's easy to get to and there is normally a good mix of traders and games on show, so I am loathed to miss it. SWMBO kindly did the weekly shop which gave me time get some energy together for what seemed like a short stop along the M4. So in the end I arrived at the show just after 11.00 am. 

People were already leaving with their goodies and it seemed a bit quieter than previous years, but maybe this was because I had missed that initial rush. I had nothing really in mind to see at the show, other than my usual chat with Leon of Pendraken and to see Bruce Weigle's game. I also hoped to see Walt of Commission Figurines and his 6mm MDF figures for a planned project. He is a top bloke and one of Dave's oldest gaming chums; in fact I think they started off gaming together at the tender age of 16.

So I spent the first hour or so just having a good wander to get and idea of what was on offer, peruse the book sellers and have a look at the games on show. I made a few purchases (more of which later) and then took some 'photos of the games that interested me. Apologies if I get any of the captions wrong, but hopefully they will be mostly correct.

A lovely looking ACW game, the Battle of Sharpsburg I believe.

Bespoke terrain that worked really well.

Simon Millar's 'To the Strongest' table was besieged with gamers, so hard to get a better show. Lovely to see the game being played though.

A Society of Ancients game.

A Sword & Spear game. As it was lucntime a lot of the games were on a break by the look of it.

A wonderful Napoleonic game.

Simple terrain on a mat, which worked really, really well.

The buildings were lovely.

A Samurai game using FogR rules?

I loved the log redoubt.

The scratch built castle was nice.

You can't deny that Samurai games look colourful with all of those back banners.

Bruce Weigle's game looking fantastic as always.

I managed to grab a quck chat, but he was busy all day.

Simple but very effective terrain en masse.

A modern game set in Afghanistan?

40mm ACW?

Not my thing but it looked great.

St Mere Eglise and Rapid Fire.

Wonderful buildings.

Another Ancients game.

A great looking Sci-Fi game, with a very Space 1999 feel.

The space station was a lovely piece of modelmaking.

Thoughts on the Show
  • Despite being tired, I'm glad I went. I enjoyed myself, even though I wandered around in a bit of a daze so didn't get to take in the games as much as I would have liked.
  • The show did feel quieter than previous years. I'm not sure of this was due to it being a week earlier and coinciding with students returning to Uni. The benefit of this was that generally it was easier to walk around than previous years.
  • For once I didn't buy any books. I didn't see anything that interest me, which was a shame, as I always like to get at least one.
  • I did take longer to look at the traders this year. Deep Cut Studios seemed to be doing a brisk trade as they had a queue at their stand. As in previous years MDF terrain in general was to be seen all over the show.
  • Looking at the traders led be to buying some stuff from Pendraken as well as Commission Figurines. Seeing the stuff in the flesh really helps, so I must take time to do this more in the future.
  • I liked the mix of games this year and wished I'd had more time to talk to those involved. 
  • Of all the major shows, Colours is my favourite. I would like to attend some others, but frankly most are too far away to justify my attending them.


  1. Thanks for the photo’s some lovely looking games there and there seems to be more games these days that ensure their tables have more texture, which softens the look. Very nice.

    1. You're welcome Norm. It's interesting seeing how the overall look of the tables vary from year to year. This year I liked them for some reason. Not sure why but they just worked for me.

  2. Steve! So many wonderful game photos. As I tabbed through your game photos, the layout with the undulating farmland immediately grabbed my attention. I thought the display reminded me of a Weigle 1859-1870 table. I was not too surprised to read that it actually was one of Bruce's layouts. He sure makes a handsome battlefield.

    Great photos!

    1. Glad you liked them Jonathan. Bruce certainly puts on a great game, which so many people admire. It really does show that 6mm games can be great to look at. Also he is a really nice guy and wonderful to talk too, if you get the chance. I had the chance to do so maybe 5-6 years ago and this resulted in the start oy my interest in the 1848-1870 period. I've never looked back!

  3. I'm only sorry I wasn't able to be there, but thanks Steve, for the great photos. Bruce Weigle's game does indeed look fantastic. I wonder, do you know what Rules Bruce was using for the game, also scale? I'm wondering how woods, towns and hills come into play with so many variable sizes and distributions.
    Do you know how 'demountable' the terrain is... running from perhaps hundreds of individual pieces, or is it all fixed in place onto the four boards shown?
    Sorry, you may not know all this, but as I say, it's a shame I wasn't able to make it. Glenn

    1. Hi Glenn,
      I'll try and answer your questions below;
      - the rules were Bruce's own 1871 set.
      - scale was 6mm.
      - I can't honestly say how woods, BUA's etc affect the game.
      - Based upon his previous boards, the trees are stuck in via pins and I think the buildings are lose, but can't remember for sure. The boards are very light weight and so easy to transport.

      Hope this helps?

    2. thanks Steve. Great help; I wish I'd seen it. I'll look up the rules.