Thursday, 20 June 2019

3 Days, 3 Games - Day 1, Wavre 1815

Wargaming has taken a back seat over the past few weeks, due to holidays and the usual work and family pressures. However with those behind me, it was time to resume hostilities as it were. As Dave's birthday falls on the anniversary of Waterloo, we have tried to have some form of Napoleonic bash as close to this date as possible. This year I mentioned Wavre, having recently read Chandler's excellent history of the Hundred Days Campaign.

As always, Dave did a great job of providing the background info to allow me to set up the table etc, this time using Bloody Big Battles as our ruleset, so the terrain was nice and simple. However the best laid plans and all that saw things a bit rushed due to work, but I managed to get something thrown together as you will see.

Then the day of the game dawned and it quickly became clear that I would have to cancel our game due to a project at work taken up all of my time. Sadly I mailed Dave to say I couldn't make it, but the courier got way laid as when I arrived home Dave was already there! So given he had made the journey over, it was a case of game on. A change is as good as a rest as they say and after a brief chat, I soon found a second wind and got into the swing of things, even though I wasn't the sharpest tool in the box at times during the game. Dave kindly set things up and, being the Prussian player, I didn't really have much thinking to do in terms of deployment, which was perfect. 

No notes were made, but hopefully the following pics will give you an idea of how things unfolded:

The overall table, with the Prussians on the right and with Wavre roughly in the centre of the table.

The French arriving, but have to negotiate the woods which will hamper their movement.

A view from the French side looking down into the Dyle valley.

The French left flank was rather slow to get going, allowing the Prussians in and around Limale to get the first shots in.

The French right flank debouching from the woods.

The French arrive at Wavre, but are struggling to get units deployed to bring weight of fire to bear.

Things hot up at Limale, with the Prussians taking casualties.

At Limale, the Prussians have lost a Brigade but are putting up a stiff fight againt overwhelming numbers.

The French view of the attack on Wavre.

The French view of the attack on Limale.

The Prussians have been forced to bring a Brigade from the Bierge Mill to strengthen the position at Wavre.

The Prussian guns that helped stop two French assaults on Limale, but in the end it fell to the French on the final turn.

The French positioned to move over the Dyle at Limale and therefore threaten the Prussian lines of communication.

End of Game Thoughts
Well given that it was all a bit rushed on my part, that was an extremely enjoyable game and a great way to unwind after a very long and hectic day at work. To top it off the England women's team won as well, so we kept stopping to watch the goals. So all-in-all a great evening. As always a few thoughts on the game:

  • I hadn't played Bloody Big Battles for probably a couple of years, but within a turn and ably helped by Dave, it all came back to me. They really are a great set of rules and bar checking on Low Ammo in the book, we only had to refer to the QRS.
  • I must say I've never really been a fan of Napoleonics for a variety of reasons, but using these rules I did enjoy the game and they felt right, giving a good historical feel to the game. I look forward to exploring this period more with these rules. 
  • Not having dug out my 'scenery' for BBB for quite some time, it made me realise that I still need to finish quite a bit of stuff of for these rules. However I have lots of other projects on the go (more of which another time) so this will have to wait.
  • 6mm works really well for this set of rules and, even though I have loads of 10mm Pendraken figures bought for various projects, I am really tempted to get a couple of Commission Figurines mdf armies. Again this will have to wait, but I may by some for future use.

In the end of great evenings gaming and a perfect way to start 3 days of gaming. My next game is with Mark Fry, lead author of BKCIV, where we will be playing the Italian Invasion of Greece in 1941. Lots to do for this so I'd better get my skates on. Until next time...


  1. Steve! This is quite a display of impromptu dedication. Good to see that everything worked out satisfactorily and that you successfully pulled off your hastily-planned game.

    I am really looking forward to your Crete '41 game.

    1. It was nice it all worked out in the end and in fact made for a very enjoyable evening. Otherwise I think I would have fallen asleep on the sofa.

      In fact tonight's game is 1940 (mea culpa!) and the Italian's are invading from Albania and advancing (hopefully) along the coast. Crete is one my 'to-do' list and has been for quite a few years.

  2. Enjoyed, the quad of the campaign that gets over-looked the most, so it is nice to see it being played out. I was looking at the MDF figures at the weekend on the Commission Figurines stall and they make for a good visual.

    1. I always wonder why the other actions are really games as they make for some great challenges for both sides. One day a linked campaign would be great and easily achievable with BBB.

      The mdf figures when on the table look absolutely fine and you wouldn't know they weren't metal. Variety can be added with metal figures, especially for command and skirmish stands. However I do like to use all of the same figures.