Thursday, 22 November 2018

The Pikemen's Lament - A New World Adventure

One of my plans for this year was to finish off my English Civil War figures and run a narrative campaign using the excellent 'The Pikemen's Lament' rules. Like many of my plans, it never really got off the ground. Given my current enforced rest as I recover from major surgery, I thought it high time I revisited this idea, given that I wanted something different from BKCII to tickle my wargaming buds.

So this afternoon I dug out my figures and knocked up a really quick game, based upon a rough premise of some action in the New World of the Americas, between some English and Dutch Colonists supported by some Native American Indians. As simple as that but I find it nice to have a bit of 'fluff' to go with my games. I plan to expand upon this over the next few days for my campaign.

Anyway, the game was great fun and even though I hadn't played for ages, it all came back to me with only occasional glances at the rulebook. I took a few 'photos for those that might be interested in another 2' x 2' game format. All the figures are from Pendraken's excellent 10mm range and I simply halved all the distances in the rulebook.

The Dutch are on the right, the English the left, as they advance to clash near Friedermann's farm.

Some Goblins standing in for Native American Indian's, until I can get some painted up.

The Dutch battle line.

The English throw forward their Clansmen and Forlorn Hope's.

Some Swedish Commanded Shot mercenaries just before they were dispatched in short order by the Clansmen.

The Dutch Shotte formed line ready to give a good volley of lead if required.

So my next challenge is to paint up some extra units, which should hopefully start this weekend, as they are all based and prepped and are just awaiting my attention. I would like to add some Dragoons, but doubt they were much used in the New World at this point in time. I hate painting horses but will have to bite the bullet at some point though.

On a related note Michael Leck has received his advanced copies of the new 'Rebels and Patriots' rules from Osprey. I was involved in the playtesting of these, which I really enjoyed and think they are a great set of rules. But  to misquote Mandy Rice-Davies; "Well he would say that, wouldn't he?"

Until next time.


  1. A very fun looking game! Love the look and feel of it and the excellent use of small space. Glad for the news that you are on the mend.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Bill. It is nice being able to play on a small table, which is much easier to set up etc.

  2. Very nice. I use Pikeman's Lament for my games with 18mm Blue Moon figs - I play King Philips War scenarios between an alliance of Indian tribes and the Puritans of New England circa 1670s. It was a war of ambushes, raids, skirmishes, not big battles anyhow. Really balanced games too.

    1. Thanks Joseph:). I too am being drawn towards a King William's War period, but am also tempted by some earlier actions set in the Elizabethan period, Sadly the current Pendraken range is small but more are in the pipeline, so you never know...