Thursday, 30 November 2017

Pendraken Painting Competition 2017

Pendraken are once again running a painting competition, but this year organised by Mad Lemmey, one of the forum members. There are no prizes, just the reward of possibly winning one of the categories. I'm always amazed at the level of some of the entries and the sheer detail painted on 10mm figures. I simply couldn't do it, even if I wanted to.

As is always the case, or so it seems, I've left everything a bit late to say the least. Plans laid at the start of the month have fallen by the wayside. At least I did manage to paint some figures, so not all bad. So this evening I dug out stuff I've painted over the past year or so and quickly took some 'photos. In many ways it's nice to look back on what I have been able to paint and it may spur me on to finish off other projects that have lain half finished for far too long.

Russian T-35. This really is a beast of a model, even in 10mm. I added a slogan to make it look nicer. The red star was used on the tanks, but whether they were painted over is hard to tell from the 'photos of the knocked out ones.

Sherman flail tank. Lovely little model.

WWI British MkI Gun Carrier. They did occasionally fire these mounted on the tractor. I'm using this as an assualt gun for my AVBCW forces.

Crusader AA tank. I added a Peter Pig WWI pilot as the gunner.

Russian WWII T-28. I used to think this was a large tank until I got the T-35.

German Stug-III Assault Gun. One of my favourite WWII vehicles.

British Universal Carrier, heavily converted by adding new heads to the crew in front and infantry in the back. I use these for my Carrier Platoon in BKCII.

Daimler Dingo Scout Car, with added standing figure, to be used as an FAO/FAC in BKCII.

Treemen for my in progress 'Dragon Rampant' warbands.

Dutch Commanded Shot for my 'The Pikemen's Lament' company.

Some more units for use with 'The Pikemen's Lament' rules.

German WWI A7V tank. Nice to be able to paint this sort of camouflage.

Pak40 with Fallschirmjager crew.

75mm IG with Fallschirmjager crew.

Pak 35/36 with Fallschirmjager crew. 

British 6pdr ATG.

My British Battalion command stand for BKCII.

I wish I'd planned better to have more time to take 'photos of my figures. Still it's nice to at least have taken 'photos of some of them. No idea how I'll do, but just nice to take part.


  1. I like your T-35 model, it is in my 'I don't really need one, but want one' category!

    Is the slogan applied with a pen?

    1. Yep, in a sense I didn't really need it, but bought it as a bit of retail therapy! It will be used for my AVBCW forces as well as part of a depleted Russian tank force during the opening moves of Barbarossa.

      The slogan is a decal from a FoW set I bought many years ago. Lots of good slogans but not many small enough to fit on the turret. This one is 'Za Stalina' IIRC.


  2. Very nice indeed

    Take care


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Will and also for organising the competition:)