Sunday, 11 October 2015

The '45 Rebellion - Prestonpans Take 2 part II

After the previous weeks encounter, we decided to carry on with the game, but from the point  where the Hanoverian troops started their planned withdrawl. Notes were once again sketchy so annoted pics will have to suffice I'm afraid.

With the Scottish left flank reforming, the Hanoverians saw their main threat from the Scottish right. With the Dragoons reformed but far away, the planned withdrawl was going to be tricky...
Immediately the Hanoverian centre came under pressure as the Scottish Lowlanders reappeared in the centre and the Scottish right flank moved smartly to threaten the line of retreat. Fortunately the Dragoons came galloping to the rescue to try and reinforce the Hanoverian left flank.
All too quickly things went the way of the Scots, as they were able to bring pressure to bear from three sides. Some swift fire and close combat saw the Sottish cavalry retreat through the village of Dun Roamin. But would it be enough to stop the Scots?
The Scots won the die roll for the firing initiative and poured massed volleys into the Hanoverian centre unit. With some superb die rolling (two 5's and a 3) they succumbed to the hail of lead that came their way. Once again the hands of God appeared...
... and with a very English sign at the end of it!
The Scots quickly moved in for the kill...
... with the Hanoverians leaving their guns behind as they attempted to retreat in the face of the enemy.
Unsuprisingly the Scots were able to force the Hanoverians back.
The Hanovrians in full retreat, leaving the Scots in complete control of the battlefield.
The Hanoverian Dragoons choosing to 'live to fight another day'.

Post Game Thoughts
Despite a completely one sided game, it was never-the-less enjoyable. So a few points to note:
  • The Hanoverians were unable to win the movement Initiative, leading to them rapidly becoming trapped by the advancing Scottish Flank Brigades. This forced them to stand and fight, something that I was desperately trying to avoid.
  • The Scots winning the Fire Initiative roll and then rolling some superb die rolls turned the game in their favour in one roll of the die as it were. With the central unit of the Hanoverian Brigade gone, all chance on holding the Scots went out of the window.
  • The Hanoverians having to abandon their guns has handed the Scots a nice little bonus in terms of the campaign.
  • Inferior artillery units really are very ineffective, but fit in much better with the historical performance of these units at this point of the campaign.
So next game we decided that the Hanoverians have abandoned Scotland and are retreating towards Newcastle. The Scots have split their forces and are raiding towards Carlisle, with the Hanoverians sending troops to protect the town and surrounding countryside. Details to be decided but there should be more scenery on the table to represent the more fertile areas being attacked.


  1. Very nice AAR matey !

    Your minis are so small...impressed that you even manage to paint them;)

    1. Glad you liked it Michael. Fortunately the miniatures are Dave's so my eyesight is safe for the moment;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil:). Next game tomorrow night, so hoping for a Hanoverian win...