Sunday, 11 October 2015

The '45 Rebellion - Prestonpans Take 2 part I

After the rather one sided game we played about a month ago, Dave and I decided to reset things and go back to the start of the '45 Rebellion. The forces and table layout were the same, the only difference being that we rated all of the artillery as Inferior and Dave changed his die to a patriotic blue in an attempt to improve his command performance.

As the game was played last week, I have forgotten some of the details, but my notes and pictures will once again have to suffice to give an idea of how the game played out. So without further ado...

This time the Scots advanced en masse, except for the Point of Honour unit, which skulked somewhere near their jump off point. Me-thinks they were enjoying some neeps and tatties...
The Hanoverians once again formed up between the hill and wood to try and anchor their flanks.
A rather thin red line faces the massed ranks of kilted warriors.
Once again the Lowlanders were not keen on getting stuck in, retreating (did I hear 'tactical withdrawl' Dave?) in the face of the enemy. Undaunted by their centre not playing ball, the Brigades on the flanks advanced, threatening the Hanoverians with encirclement.
With the threat from the centre gone for the moment, the Hanoverian troops moved to attack the Scottish left.
Battle is quickly joined on the Scottish left flank, as the Highlanders charge into the fray due to an Admirable command roll. Poor command rolls lead to the Scottish right flank stalling in their planned advance around the Hanoverian left flank.
Loyal Scots under severe pressure from the Highlanders...
... but support from the Dragoons as well as some closing fire sees a Highlander unit...
... forced to retreat.
Despite a complete lack of pressure from the Scottish centre, things are not looking great for the forces of the Crown.
The Hanoverian right flank takes too many hits...
... resulting in Dave's 'Hands of God' descending...
... resulting in the right flank disintegrating...
... but leaving the Scottish left flank reforming and unable to persue the fleeing enemy.

Post Game Thoughts
Once again another very enjoyable game of Honours of War. As always a few thoughts:
  • This time the Scottish centre retreating actually helped the Scottish cause, as the Hanoverians troops struggled to bring fire to bear on the Scottish flanks. 
  • My attempt to take the attack to the Scottish left flank was completely undone by the quick advance of the Highlanders. This left my central units high-and-dry and unable to support the Loyal Scots on the hill.
  • With hindsight I should have retreated sooner once my flanks were in danger of being turned, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. A tactical withdrawl was definitely the order of the day.
Well, at least my troops managed to start an ordered retreat, but whether they succeed in successfully disengaging from the Scots remains to be seen...


  1. Very nicely done. Scottish? Jacobite surely?

    1. Ah, well spotted George. Mea culpa! I will attempt to use the correct terminology in future AARs.