Friday, 9 October 2015

Gruntz at Blast-Tastic 2015

Last weekend my good friend and gaming chum Craig and I put on a demo game of Gruntz at Blast-Tastic in Bristol. The last time we played was the previous year at the same show, so we were a bit rusty on the rules. Fortunately we picked them up quite quickly after a few turns and by using the QRS as a guide.

The show was good but suffered from less attendees compared to last year. This is something that Michael, the show organiser, is looking to address for next year.There was a good mix of traders and games on show, but sadly I forgot to take photos of anything other than our game!

Craig studies the rules as both sides are deployed and ready to go.
My troops at their jump off points.
An EM4 Walker unit readies to attack a hover tank.
A squad and support units provide flank cover for the Walker unit.
The Walker unit ready to fire.
My squads come under sustained fire from Craig's jump suited assault squad. They were very tough hombres.
Another EM4 Walker unit fires at an IFV.
The view from Craig's side of the table.
The Walker unit is rammed by the hover tank, which comes off second best and is destroyed later by the Walker unit.

In the end the game dragged on for most of the show. Out lack of familiarity with the rules may have been a major factor in this. Somehow the rules didn't really grab us and given that we hadn't played in a year, we both decided to sell the rules and the figures. Afterall if they only get used once a year, at most, there is little point in keeping them.

Next year I've decided to put on a demo game of Angel Barracks KR-16 rules, using his rather wonderful figures and vehicles. I've got plenty of ideas for the table I want to put on, but details will follow in due course. Afterall I've still got a year to get my act together...


  1. Steve - I would be keen to get down to Blast-Tastic but it clashes with Derby, perhaps moving it a week would get it more footfall?
    Shame about Gruntz, you never know a better rule set my come along that gives your Sci-fi stuff a another run out, looking back now there were so many collections I sort of wish I had held on to....

    1. Michael has looked at trying to go to a different weekend, but the available dates always seem to clash with another show. 'Tis a busy time of year I'm afraid.

    2. Maybe next year then, my Derby purchases can always wait until Reading :-)

    3. It would be good to see you there, especially if you brought your Martian stuff:)