Thursday, 11 June 2015

6mm Buildings

Having played quite a few games of Black Powder of late, it has become rather obvious that I need to invest in some suitable buildings for the period. My initial thoughts were to carry on using 10mm buildings to go with my Pendraken 10mm figures. However a recent game showed that this didn't really give the 'look' I am after. My wargaming chum Keith Flint uses 15mm houses to go with his 28mm figures and they 'look' right. Other members on the Pendraken forum have frequently used 6mm houses to go with their 10mm figures, and again it just seems to 'look' right.

So having settled on 6mm, I decided to have a look around to see what is on offer. After some searching I settled on the Leven Miniatures  range. The detail is brilliant and they offer a very wide range of buildings and sundry items, more than enough to satisfy my needs. On top of this they are very competitively priced. Below are a few images of their buildings:

 Fachwerkhaus 01
Fachwerkhaus 02
Medieval windmill

So I have happily placed an order for a mix of Medieval buildings for my games set between c.1750 - c.1870. Naturally they will also work for the Pike & Shotte period, but I am currently trying to concentrate on Black Powder. However with my 'Kreigspiel' style blocks they may get an outing to the P&S period sooner rather than later.

I'm not sure whether to base them or not, but will wait till I have them in my hands, which will make it easier to decide. I'm really looking forward to receiving these and plan to scratch build a few items to go alongside of these. I also need to sort out suitable roads for this period as currently I only have 'tarmac' ones. Just something else to add to the 'to-do' list...


  1. I've got a lot of Leven Miniatures buildings and all of them a really well done so you won't be disappointed. I based all of mine for ease of storage and to protect them (they're all magnetically based). Mick's really good to deal with, he even cast up a few bespoke supply bases for me.


    1. Good to hear that they are very nice models Richard. I'm looking forward to receiving them, but won't get them done in time for our next game. Already had a nice mail from Mick, so nice to see good customer service:)

    2. Look forward to the next report, I always enjoy reading them even if I don't always have much energy left for commenting (or forums) these days. I really must get around to trying Black Powder, I've had it sitting on my shelf for over a year now.

    3. Glad you enjoy the AARs Richard. Black Powder is definitely worth giving a try, as you don't need that much terrain or many units for a game. In fact a small game is ideal to get the mechanics sorted.

      I'd also recommend you keep an eye out for the forthcoming Osprey wargame book 'Honours of War' by Keith Flint. It is very good IMHO and he has really captured the SYW period with these rules.