Friday, 6 February 2015

Dux Bellorum trial games

This year has got off to a great start on the gaming front. Dave Fielder whom I 'know' via various forums happens to be working locally for a few months and so was looking for any gamers in the area that might be able to put on a 'show' during the week. Fortunately for me SWMBO did not object so we have been meeting up over the past few weeks for some trial Dux Bellorum games. 

Dave is a top chap and great opponent but has been hampered somewhat but his rulebook still being 'in the post'. After a few games we decided to run a mini-campaign whilst he's around to add a bit of fun and narrative to the games. Our first game was to have been this week, but said book had still not arrived so we had a dry run game just to get Dave more au fait with the rules. Dave kindly sent me some pics he took of the game as I forgot to get the camera out and ready in advance.

We played a straight Annals game with 32 points per side plus 5 point for Strategies & Tactics. Dave chose Stampede, which happens to be one of my favourites, whilst I took Monks and Experienced Warlord, the latter of which I completely forgot to use. Hopefully the photos and captions will give a flavour of the game. All figures are Pendraken, with the Irish from the Ancient Britons range and the Welsh from the Late-Roman.

The Irish look towards the hill that really is the objective of the game. Control this and you have a good chance of winning.
To the right the Welsh await their deployment.
The Irish in all their glory and with captured Welsh sheep to boot.

Another view of the Irish.

The Welsh with Monks for much needed divine support.
The cross is painted gold but it doesnt really show up on the table or in photos:(.
The Irish send the sheep stampedeing towards the Welsh lines.

Agnos Deus. The sheep and their stampede rules are great in the game. It was with great pleasure that we both managed to get the sheep and the cross to the hill at the same time.

The Welsh Nobles cannot resist the lure of the sheep in front of them...
... their lust sees them lose two points of cohesion...
... it is the end for the sheep.

At a critical point the Irish Companions blunder. We decided to use the Hail Caeser! blunder table to add another level to the game...

... which works out well for the Irish as they charge into the Welsh flank. Not their intended target but not bad.

Battle is joined on the hill, with the Welsh managing to get there first, thereby gaining an advantage with the Irish having to attack uphill for the most part.
The Welsh warriors manage to hang on against the Irish chariot attack and have support as another unit charges downhill to their rescue.
The Irish attack suffers badly as they lose four units in one turn. With only two leadership points left and little prospect of a win, we called it a day.

As always it was a fun game, with the Welsh gaining the hill being the turning point. This was due to my rolling a couple of double 1's in two turns, which moved my units far enough forward to deny the hill to the Irish chariots. Units on hills are damned hard to beat, unless you can turn a flank. Any hope of Irish victory went in one turn as they lost four units, effectively taking them out of the game. The highlight for me was the sheep stampeding towards the Monks and their cross, which had a certain biblical feel to it.
Hopefully Dave's book will have turned up in time for the next game, so that he can have a chance to really read the rules and check out any nuances as well as have a good think about his warband. Fingers crossed our campaign will kick-off in earnest next week.

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  1. Well done. Figures looked great; well painted! And those SHEEEEEP!!! LOL... awesome