Sunday, 29 June 2014

BPI Platoon

Well I finally got around to taking some pics of my completed BPI platoon with their AFV transport and fire support walker unit. I went with a fairly traditional camouflage scheme as personally the 'traditional bright' sci-fi colours just don't work for me. I've yet to finalise the background for the 67th BPI platoon, but they will be based upon a unit from Operation Market Garden, just because I envisage them dropping into conflict zones as per paratroopers. So until then some pics of the unit to whet your appetite.

The 67th platoon deploy from their AFVs with the weapons support squad and the fire support walker unit to the fore.

Each squad has identifying coloured shoulder pads and recognition markers on the AFV to help distinguish them on the table.

The weapons support squad in their armoured suits with their walker unit deployed for action. I've yet to decide upon an AFV transport for these, so for the time being they will have to walk into action.


  1. Great work Steve. Is this 10mm scale?

    1. Hi Keith,
      thanks for the compliment. They are 6mm figures and vehicles that I bought at MadFest a few years ago. The vehicles are really very nice models indeed.

  2. 6mm is the way forwards Keith!

    They are nice, would be nicer if they had been good sports and lost the game rather than kicked my bum though!