Thursday, 26 June 2014

Blast-Tastic Wargames Show

Michael of Angel Barracks and KR-16 rules fame is putting on a sci-fi wargames show called Blast-Tastic in October this year. There is already a good mix of traders and demo and/or participation games to be seen, so things are looking good for this inaugural show.  Given that I play KR-16, have some of his lovely figures and live only about 20 minutes away (traffic permitting), I will be definitely attending. Hopefully I will see some familiar faces on the day and have fun seeing what's on offer.


  1. I am looking to drop in to this event, always good to see a new show on the circuit.

    1. It would good to see you again Stu. I'll be helping Craig with his Gruntz demo game if you're able to make it.