Sunday, 12 January 2014

Mordheim Witch Hunters cum IHMN Knights Templar

Further to my previous post  with regards my Mordheim Witch Hunter warband, I thought I'd post some pics of them for you all to see. 

I used a simple palette of blue, red and beige to tie the warband together visually. This mix of rich colours combined with a natural linen colour hopefully conveyed an ecclesiastical feel to the warband. Details such as the red books, maces and braziers further underlined the visual unity of the warband.

So without further ado:

Witch Hunter Captain 
He will become my Grand master for IHMN.
Witch Hunters
The over large maces were hand sculpted. For IHMN I am tempted to come up with a special weapon for the Knights Templar to reflect these and their power against the forces of Darkness (as they see it).
These will become my Knights for IHMN.
Warrior Priest or Witch Hunter
These can either be a Witch Hunter or Warrior priest.

For IHMN the figure on the left will be a Chaplain, on the right a Master.

The two outer figures are Flagellants, with the one in the centre a Zealot.

The figure in the centre will be an IHMN Sergeant.

Some of my favourite conversions. Useless on the battlefield but great fun to play with!

I plan to create a role for these within IHMN as Acolytes, Servants etc.

The 'old warhorse' of a dog always proved popular in games and was another favourite conversion. He could become a clock work dog for IHMN if required.
IHMN Carpathian or Siberian Wolves as required, but in Mordheim just standard warhounds.
Demonic warhounds affected by exposure to Wyrdstone in Mordheim, or creatures of Chaos used by the Witch Hunters against their original masters. Again in terms of the game just standard warhounds.

So hopefully the above quick snaps have given you an idea of my favourite Mordheim warband and some of the plans I have for them for IHMN. Time to go and put pen to paer for some further thoughts on my Knights Templars.


  1. Very nice in deed but can they fight :-)

  2. Looks good.
    You just need a couple of pistols, perhaps a rifle or two and Congreve Rocket gun and you are ready to rumble :)