Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Inter-War 20mm Oerlikon Cannon

Whilst checking out the ever excellent Panzerkaput's Blog , I saw that his latest addition to his AVBCW troops was one of these frankly bizarre pieces of kit.

Now I've never seen or heard of this Oerlikon cannon, but the moment I clapped eyes on it, I wanted one for my own 10mm AVBCW forces. A quick search on the internet revealed nothing, but Mutton Chop Miniatures have a nice little kit that will be enough info for me.

I intend to use a Universal/Bren Carrier as the tow and scratch build the limber and gun. When I will get around to this Lord only knows, but I must admit it would look great on the wargames table. Talking of which, I would love one of these as well...

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